Jun 2018

{swoon} Three Sisters at Good Girl Dinette

Good Girl Dinette | Summer 2018

Considering how warm the weather is year-round here in Los Angeles, it takes a lot more than rising temps to signal that summer is upon us. What I have found to be a much more reliable indicator of seasonal changes is what’s on my plate: Cherries? Check. Peaches? Check. Three Sisters? Check, check, check. Summer is most definitely here.

Good Girl Dinette | Summer 2018

Only available for a small window of time at Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park, the Three Sisters is a sensational seasonal trio of locally grown blistered corn, heirloom summer squash, and runner beans. Each “sister” is cooked just right—wonderfully snappy and superbly fresh.

While the vegetables are winning in their own right, it’s the Red Boat fish sauce scallion oil that really makes the dish. It’s amazing how a few shakes of nuoc mam can bring a symphony of savory-sweetness to everything it hits. The Three Sisters is a most delightful way to bask in summer’s bounty.

Good Girl Dinette
110 North Avenue 56
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: 323-257-8980

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