Jun 2019

{swoon} Spam Fried Rice at OMMA Rice N Chicken

OMMA Rice N Chicken - Pasadena

The Slaw Dogs space on North Lake is now home to OMMA Rice and Chicken, a full-service cafe serving fruit smoothies and all manner of Korean favorites like kimbap, fried chicken, kimchi pancakes, and bibimbap. The food, prepared with care by the smiliest of cooks, delights with its simplicity. The Spam fried rice—glossy grains, scrambled eggs, and chopped vegetables, along with a fried egg and size-able slab of Spam—serves up pure comfort in a bowl. When the week’s been long and another marathon is on the horizon, there is no better fuel.

OMMA Rice and Chicken
720 N. Lake Ave., Ste. 8
Pasadena, CA 91006

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