Apr 2010

Sage Cafe – Seattle


Although it might not be apparent from the decadent morsels posted on this blog, there’s a little voice inside my head that keeps my diet in check. Whenever I’ve  stuffed too many cupcakes or dumplings down my gullet, it pipes up to remind me that a little greenery wouldn’t hurt. The little voice is admittedly quieter while I’m on vacation, but it has its limits. After 36 hours of consuming little more than doughnuts, chowder, and ice cream, my body was hurting for some vegetables.

Fortunately, The Astronomer, Rosalind, and I were kickin’ it in Capitol Hill when the mood for roughage hit. The densely populated area is home to Seattle’s most happenin’ hipsters and virtuous vegetarians. A resident of the neighborhood, Rosalind led us to Sage Cafe (formerly Hillside Quickie’s Cafe), her favorite vegan sandwich shop in the city. With hearty nutrients in sight, the little voice cheered with glee.


According to the company’s website, Sage Cafe is a twenty-year-old family business that started in the back of a mini-van. From its humble roots, the local chain has become the leading Northwest company in the vegan Slow Food movement.


From the lengthy menu, I selected The Sweet Jamaican wrap ($11), which was comprised of jerk-spiced tofu in lavash bread with smoked yams, grilled sweet onions, tomatoes, coleslaw, lettuce, and vegan mayonnaise. The hefty package was neatly wrapped and bursting with freshness. The tastiest bites were the ones that paired the creamy yams with the spicy tofu. Let it be known that I am a meat eater with a soft spot for soy byproducts.


The Astronomer’s  Thai Curried Gyro ($10) came with seitan, grilled onions, and heirloom tomatoes on Egyptian flat bread. The sandwich turned out to be a knife and fork affair since the oozy contents could not be contained. The wrap was pretty darn tasty with its curried innards, but sadly was a big ‘ol mess to behold and eat. Food should be a feast for the eyes and mouth.


Rosalind’s El Besito Caliente burger ($11) was a tremendous mouthful of  grilled tofustrami (tofu with pastrami seasonings), avocado, cucumbers, caramelized red onions, and tomatoes. A vegan lime chipotle mayonnaise moistened the burger from top to bottom.  The “spicy little kiss” packed a lot of heat and was the most delightful veggie burger I’ve ever tasted.

Sage Cafe was just what my body craved on this sunny afternoon in Seattle.

Sage Cafe
324 15th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
Phone: 206-325-6429

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14 thoughts on “Sage Cafe – Seattle

  1. i’ve been on a vegan kick lately, and maaaaaan that burger looks like good nommage. vegan lime chipotle mayo? swoon.

  2. Amazing colors in your pics! This place sounds delicious. I love all the combos of flavors and i’m a sucker for seitan! We need a place like this in LA.

  3. Nastassia – There’s gotta be a place like this in L.A. Didn’t we invent veganism?

    Valen – You’re in for a treat! Would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve eaten at Sage.

  4. Haha your little voice tells you to eat vegetables, mine tells me when it’s time to take a break from the tofu and eat the bacon!

    Mmm soy byproducts… maybe we should try frying some up in bacon fat? Just for kicks?

  5. Great looking Vegan food. I kind of wish they served that burger with some fries…just complete the pairing.

    Tofu fried in in Bacon fat….I’m down for that!

  6. Why oh why was my vacation to Seattle before this review?

    I loved my meals in Seattle, but would have traded at least one for a trip here!

  7. The wrap looks beautiful with all of the layers and colors! Everything looks so refreshing, infinitely better than sitting in a 90 degree library…le sigh

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