Nov 2012

{swoon} Wonton Noodle Soup at Noodle Boy

Noodle Boy - Rosemead

Here at this modern and brightly-lit restaurant in the same strip mall complex as Tip Top’s Sandwiches and Shaanxi Gourmet, Hong Kong-style wonton noodle soups are dished up from morning until night. The chef honed his craft in Hong Kong before opening Noodle Boy in 2010. From the bounce of the noodles to the spring of the wontons, it’s clear that there is an expert behind the stoves.

Noodle Boy - Rosemead

Most everyone orders the wonton noodle soup, which comes with four wontons chock-full of shrimp and a choice of egg noodles, wide rice noodles, or vermicelli. I always select the thin and wavy egg noodles for their superior chew. Ladled on last is a scalding hot broth that’s wonderfully aromatic and worthy of slurping once the wontons and noodles are long gone. Sliced beef, cuttlefish balls, meatballs, and wonderfully plump fish balls are available as extra add-ons, but for me, this bowl is perfect as is.

Noodle Boy
8518 East Valley Boulevard, Suite B108
Rosemead, CA 91770
Phone: 626-280-8963

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6 thoughts on “{swoon} Wonton Noodle Soup at Noodle Boy

  1. My mom told me a while ago that Noodle Boy was run by the same chef that headed Won Ton Time that closed a while ago. I remember that place being awesome, so I’m not surprised! I wish I could have some right now.

  2. So jealous! I haven’t found in place in NY yet that has a really good, true HK-style wonton noodle soup. Guess I need to go to CA soon to satisfy that craving! Do they make their noodles in-house too?

  3. Diana – I returned to Noodle Boy this past weekend to inquire about the noodles. No, they don’t make them from scratch. However, according to the waitress, the noodles are made especially for the restaurant by a nearby factory and are not available for purchase outside the restaurant. So, there you have it!

  4. I went over there this past Friday. I had some pork liver added to the wonton noodle soup. I will b going back again.

    Finding it was a wee bit of a problem even with Google Map. That was the extend of my problem.

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