May 2017

El Borrego Viudo – Mexico City

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

Following our new Nordic Mexican feast at Chef Edgar Nuñez’s Sud 777, The Astronomer and I headed to El Borrego Viudo for a gratuitous dose of late night tacos.

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

As soon as our car pulled up to the storefront, an army of taqueros ushered us to a table inside. We grabbed two seats for a front-row view of the fluorescent-lit, frenetically-paced scene.

Pro tip: For revelers on the go, tacos can also be brought to your car just as fast as you can say por favor.

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

The menu, a list of piggy parts from snout to tail, was easy to navigate with a little help from our friend Google.

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

We settled on the “deliciosos tacos de cabeza” (head), lengua (tongue), al pastor (spit-grilled), and cachete (cheeks). A tall glass of tepache, a fermented pineapple juice drink, was sipped on the side.

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

While the thickly sliced tongue was something to behold, the best of the bunch was the smoky, rich al pastor. Really though, all of the cuts were solid and well-seasoned. Red and green salsas, as well as cilantro, onions, and limes, were on hand for garnishing.

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

Even though The Astronomer and I were very much sated after four tacos, I found it impossible to pull myself away without trying a final cut: sesos. The brains were just as I’d imagined they’d be—squishy and bland.  I probably should have left this particular stone unturned, but hey, YOLO.

El Borrego Viudo - Mexico City

Our first night in Mexico City was a roaring gastronomical success. We hit the sheets with full bellies and stoked hearts for more adventures to come.

El Borrego Viudo
Av. Revolución 241
38300 México, D.F.
Phone: +52 55 5516 4901

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2 thoughts on “El Borrego Viudo – Mexico City

  1. Good to hear from you, Waleed! Safety wasn’t an issue in Mexico City for us—our ears are intact! We used Uber to get from place to place and did a good deal of walking in the Centro Historico, as well as Condesa and Roma Norte. We felt 110% safe the entire time.

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