Feb 2018

Where Roosters Rule the Roost

Postcard from Kauai

One year ago: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse – Los Angeles (Highland Park)
Two years ago: 
Brunch at Taco Maria – Costa Mesa
Three years ago: 
Boston Lobster – San Gabriel
Four years ago: 
HomeState – Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Five years ago: 
Dominique Ansel Bakery – New York City
Six years ago: Shaanxi Gourmet – Rosemead
Seven years ago: Torihei – Los Angeles (Torrance)
Eight years ago: Pa-Ord Noodle – Los Angeles (Hollywood)
Nine years ago: Yun Chuan Garden – Monterey Park
Ten years ago: Eating in Cambodia
Eleven years ago: Mini Apple Pies

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