Nov 2018

Cindy’s Noodle Land – Arcadia

Cindy's Noodle Land - Arcadia

A recent date night took The Astronomer and me to beautiful Arcadia. Following a sneak peek of the Moonlight Forest exhibit at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, we made our way to Cindy’s Noodle Land, where Shaanxi- and Henan-style noodles and lamb dishes reign supreme.

Cindy's Noodle Land - Arcadia

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, simply appointed with a mostly neutral color palette, I made a beeline for the cold appetizers in the case upfront. I have my priorities straight.

Cindy's Noodle Land - Arcadia

From the available selection, I honed in on the seaweed, tofu skin, and spongy wheat gluten (choice of 3 for $7.49). All three were solid, especially the lattermost, whose tang-forward flavors brought me back to the random street stall in Beijing that The Astronomer and I frequented over a decade ago.

Cindy's Noodle Land - Arcadia

Crusted in cumin and dried chilies, the grilled lamb skewers ($8.50) delighted with their tender, well-marbled texture.

Cindy's Noodle Land - Arcadia

We could not resist ordering a bowl of the restaurant’s signature lamb noodle soup ($9.50), which was advertised on nearly every available surface. The house-made noodles, impossibly long and wonderfully toothsome, along with the deeply satisfying broth, were as essential as billed.

Cindy's Noodle Land - Arcadia

And finally, a “cumin lamb biscuit” ($4.50), a classic street food found in the Muslim Quarter of Xi’an. Stuffed with thinly sliced lamb and enough fresh chilies to make one sweat, the burger was a savory powerhouse of terra cotta army-sized proportions.

Our impromptu dinner at Cindy’s Noodle Land was so very good. Each dish delivered, while service was efficient and warm-enough. The Astronomer and I both agreed that date nights in the SGV should be a much more regular thing.

Cindy’s Noodle Land
921 S Baldwin Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91007
Phone: 626-445-7662

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  1. Funny – I’m going to the Moonlight Forest this evening and was thinking of going to Dumpling House.

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