Oct 2012

Proof Bakery – Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

If you thought the recent heat wave was rough, imagine having to make croissants without air conditioning in that weather. That’s exactly what the team at Proof Bakery did, and I will forever bow down to Chef Na Young Ma and her band of talented bakers for possessing that kind of masochistic moxy. This redefines the meaning of bad ass.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

Proof Bakery, which debuted in Atwater Village in late 2010, has been a stellar addition to an already happening neighborhood (See: Canele and Viet Noodle Bar).

The aforementioned croissants are made with a touch of sourdough starter and are considered to be some of the city’s best. In addition to plain ones, Proof also makes croissants filled with Valrhona chocolate, almonds, and ham and Gruyere. These flaky pastries sell out in a heartbeat; each and every one had been scooped up by earlier birds when I arrived at 11:30 on the nose.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

Available throughout the day is an array of stunning sweets ranging from simple to intricate. The gorgeous tart with fresh figs and diplomat cream was damn near perfect. The fruit was plain luscious, while the cream was cool and balanced. The buttery, crumbly crust tied everything together.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

The triple-layered lemon meringue cake intertwined tangy with creamy in the most sophisticated of ways.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

Its blow torched peaks were irresistible.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

The seemingly simple chocolate chip cookie arrived crisp, caramelized, and complex with a sprinkling of coarse salt and an abundance of deep, dark chocolate discs.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

The Paris-Brest, pate a choux filled with hazelnut-scented whipped cream, took our breath away.

Proof Bakery - Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

My girl Diep‘s face says it all.

Proof Bakery
3156 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 323-664-8633

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5 thoughts on “Proof Bakery – Los Angeles (Atwater Village)

  1. Those pastries look AMAZING. This is going on my list of destinations when I’m up in LA again. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m such a sucker for ham and cheese croissants.

  2. Glad everything was as delicious as it looks. Proof was on the list for my east-side bakery crawl that never happened. Wah wah.

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