Apr 2013

{Instabites} March 2013

{Instabites} March 2013

{taro swirlz up in my bunz, peanut butter & banana cake by hourie, the juiciest lucy ever, orange powder mac n cheese craving (it happens), l.a.’s best rice pudding, to live and dine in l.a., a formidable army of breakfast burritos, banh canh for breakfast with ong & ba ngoai, snoutz, springtime crostata from proof, creamsicle whoopie pie a la tom douglas, serious biscuit. seriously, #TwoDaysInSeattle home base, top pot: a must stop, hot fudge sundae at the sunniest spot, they call ’em big beautiful muffins (i call ’em lemon poppy), t-boz. left eye. chilli., n’tasha’s bun rieu}

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