Dec 2015

{swoon} Apple Cider Donuts at Wright’s Farm

Wrights Farms - Gardiner, NY

I hope you don’t mind that I’m writing about one of fall’s most delectable delights on the first day of winter. Seasonality is hardly important when considering apple cider doughnuts this good.

While in upstate New York this past September for an American Chinese food symposium, The Astronomer and I made a pit stop at Wright’s Farm to partake in the quintessential autumn ritual of apple picking, followed by apple cider doughnut eating.  The joys of East Coast living…

Wrights Farms - Gardiner, NY

Sold in half-dozen batches, the doughnuts ($3.99) arrived nestled in a paper boat and dusted in enough cinnamon and sugar to make my heart skip a beat. Even though the rings weren’t fried to order, you couldn’t tell from their superior texture—tender, light, and delicate.

I’ve been dreaming about apple cider doughnuts every fall since forever ago, and these managed to exceed my expectations in spades. I love it when that happens.

Signing off with a few scenes from the picturesque orchard…

Wrights Farms - Gardiner, NYWrights Farms - Gardiner, NY Wrights Farms - Gardiner, NY

Wrights Farms - Gardiner, NY

Wright’s Farm
699 NY-208
Gardiner, NY 12525
Phone: 845-255-5300

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2 thoughts on “{swoon} Apple Cider Donuts at Wright’s Farm

  1. You were about 2 ½ -3hrs., as the crow flies, from Lake Placid Olympic Park and Lake George my favorite summer hang outs.

    As an old New Englander I do miss Autumn and the colors, apple and cider season plus the maple season but not the black fly, mud or winter season.

  2. Me and my family were at Wrights for apple picking and of course the famous apple cider donuts nos I just need the recipe.

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