Jul 2017

Best Noodle House – Rosemead

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

A thumb-stopping snap on @eater_la’s Instagram feed inspired a noodle run to Rosemead with Louise. I’m a sucker for carbs of all stripes, and she’s always down to test-drive a new spot; we were both hoping Best Noodle House would live up to its name.

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

The dining room at this simply appointed Sichuan noodle shop was mostly empty when we arrived, but filled up a bit soon after.

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

To start, a trio of cold apps. From left to right: “Spicy Combination Platter” with beef, pork tripe, and bean curd ($7.95), Tiger Skin Peppers, and “Black Fungus with Chili” ($2.95).

The combo platter and wood ear mushrooms were perfectly fine, but it was the marinated peppers that stood out. Removing each one’s seeds and membranes was a must before popping these peppers.

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

The “Szechuan Style Dumpling” ($7.95) were flattish parcels filled with pork and dressed in a chili oil that was more spicy than numbing.

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

The “Chungking Dan Dan Noodle” ($7.95), slicked in chili oil and topped with scallions, ground pork, and peanuts, was good but not particularly memorable. The San Gabriel Valley has become a hotbed for Sichuan cooking in recent years (See: Chengdu Taste, Mian, Szechuan Impression), so it takes a stellar bowl of dan dan mian to stand out in the crowd.

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

Even though the waiter told us otherwise, the “Chung King Noodle” ($7.95) was in fact identical to the dan dan mian, minus the peanuts and with the addition of a boiled egg.

Best Noodle House - Rosemead

The most excellent dish of the day was the “Youpo Noodle” ($7.95), wonderfully toothsome noodles adorned with scallions, garlic, and chilies. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Best Noodle House for another bowl of these wide, handmade strands.

Best Noodle House fell short of living up to its name, but that’s only because the competition is so fierce these days.

Best Noodle House
9329 Valley Boulevard
Rosemead, CA 91770
Phone: 626-782-7432

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  1. So this begs the obvious question. Who does have the best dan dan mian? I’ve had many that are bad and mediocre. Still looking for a great one. Thanks for the many fine reviews!

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