Sep 2014

Craftsman and Wolves – San Francisco

Craftsman and Wolves - San Francisco

In the midst of last week’s intense heat wave, I escaped to cooler points north thanks to a timely work-related trip. As soon as I landed in San Francisco, sunny and 70 degrees, I hopped BART to my hotel, dropped off my baggage, and made a beeline for Craftsman and Wolves to indulge in avant-garde pastries (served with a side of gentrification).

The bakery’s unusual name is a nod to artisans and the “numerous challenges that one faces when pursuing their craft,” according to the website. Craftsman and Wolves’ proprietor, William Werner, was previously the pastry chef at Quince.

Craftsman and Wolves - San Francisco

The bakery offers an ever-changing selection of breakfast pastries, cakes, confections, confitures, desserts, and savory lunchtime fare.

The best-seller, The Rebel Within (front center), is a savory Asiago and Parmesan cheese muffin flecked with breakfast sausage, black pepper, and chives and filled with an oozy-yolked poached egg.

Craftsman and Wolves - San Francisco

Not in the mood for a runny yolk this afternoon, I started with a “Savory Tart” topped with tangy fromage blanc, snappy brined beets and turnips, and toasted pistachios ($5.50). My only complaint was that the flaky base was a bit difficult to cut through using the provided butter knife. Otherwise, this pastry was as good as expected.

Craftsman and Wolves - San Francisco

Next up was the Cashew “Isle of Gold” Curry cookie ($3). While its texture was impeccable, especially the coarse sugar topping, the cookie’s curry notes were too muted for my curry-craving tastes.

Craftsman and Wolves - San Francisco

And finally, a lovely little créme fraîche morning bun sugared and spiced with muscovado and grains of paradise.  I enjoyed the pillowy tufts from the center of the bun most.

The Astronomer and I are returning to San Francisco next month for a wedding, and I’m already planning on stopping in for a “Chocolate Croissant Stack”. And maybe a “Cube Cake,” too! Too much intriguging stuff for just one visit at Craftsman and Wolves.

Craftsman and Wolves
746 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-913-7713

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  1. Yay glad you went! Nice colors on the savory tart; I’ve had some of their stuff but can you believe I’ve never actually step foot in the bakery?

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