Dec 2014

Lu’s Garden – San Gabriel

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

With the holidays officially in full swing, chances are you’re going to need a breather from stuffing your face. Rather than skip a meal, or even worse, embark on a juice cleanse, I’d recommend heading to Lu’s Garden for a virtuous bowl of porridge with all the fixings. You’ll feel positively rejuvenated afterward. Promise.

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

A colleague introduced me to Lu’s a few weeks back for lunch; she’s been dining here for as long as she can remember. I enjoyed our outing so much that I returned the following day with my girl Shay in tow.

For first-timers, it can be a little confusing how the place works. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a tremendous steam table brimming with all manner of vegetables and proteins.

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

Select three items from the steam table for $8.25 or four items for $10.75. The cost is the same for vegetarian and meaty dishes.  At dinner, diners are required to order a la carte from a menu.

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

Next, you’ll be seated at one of the open tables in the dining room. Soon after you settle in with a mug of hot tea, a communal pot of porridge fortified with sweet yams, as well as the dishes chosen from the steam table, will arrive. Now, it’s time to dig in!

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

From the plethora of good stuff on hand, I selected the braised eggplant, coiled and spongy mock meat, and minced pork. Each dish was seasoned boldly to complement the simple porridge. I especially loved the tender eggplants.

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

Shay settled on the marinated bamboo shoots, sauteed greens, and whole squid. The bamboo shoots were snappy and flavorful, while the baby squid brought some seafood funk.

Lu's Garden - San Gabriel

Shay’s mama chose blistered green beans, sauteed Napa cabbage, and braised chicken; she was delighted with all three.

A meal at Lu’s Garden makes eating vegetables a joy and satisfies without weighing one down. It’s my kinda detox.

Lu’s Garden
534 East Valley Blvd #12
San Gabriel, CA
Phone: 626-280-5883

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3 thoughts on “Lu’s Garden – San Gabriel

  1. How is it you’ve never been to Green Zone next door Lu’s?
    The only healthy Chinese place I know…
    Let me just say soup broth…

  2. Michael – Good question! While I like to eat healthy, I kind of hate places that tout their healthfulness, like Green Zone. That’s probably what’s kept me away all these year. However, now that I’m working in the area, I’m sure I’ll try it someday soon!

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