Sep 2015

New Flavor of India – Rosemead

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

The Astronomer is not the jealous type, except when it comes to weekday lunches. While he and his colleagues dine at various sports bars across El Segundo, my co-workers and I are spoiled by the San Gabriel Valley’s bounty. Lunchtime envy is real in our household.

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

In addition to fantastic Chinese and Vietnamese options in and around the office, there are solid Mexican restaurants and, as it turns out, Indian spots too.

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

Flavor of India, a relative newcomer to Rosemead, offers a $10 lunchtime buffet that my co-workers and I have been digging lately. Pro tip: Indian food comas can be seriously intense, so it’s best not to schedule any post-lunch meetings when this spot’s on the docket.

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

Included in the price of admission was warm and toasty garlic naan that was refilled to our hearts’ and stomachs’ content.

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

In addition to the steam table’s various stews and gravies, there was a collection of accoutrements including pickles, chilies, a green salad, raita (yogurt), and the requisite tamarind and cilantro-mint chutneys.

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

For my first plate, I stuck to the vegetarian options including vegetable pakoras (vegetable fritters), saag panner (spinach with soft cheese), pickled carrots, lentils, and kadhi pakora (curry with pakoras).

While the paneer-less saag was kind of a bummer, the rest of the spread was well-spiced and very tasty. I especially loved the kadhi pakora. Even though I was quite sated after my first plate, I had to keep going because: BUFFET.

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

My second plate was a meaty powerhouse. In addition to more basmati rice, I piled on an awesome spicy chicken and jalapeno stir-fry that was reminiscent of Chinese steam table fare, chicken tikka masala, goat curry, and cauliflower curry.

I skipped the tandoori chicken this time, but my co-workers liked it very much. The goat curry, on the other hand, was too gamey for the table but just right for me. Mmm, goat!

New Flavor of India - Rosemead

The lone dessert option, a loose rice pudding, was too milky and not cardamom-y enough. Oh, well.

When Artesia’s too far for a weekday lunch, New Flavor of India has it handled.

New Flavor of India
3684 Rosemead Boulevard
Rosemead, CA 91770
Phone: 626-572-7711


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2 thoughts on “New Flavor of India – Rosemead

  1. This review reminded me of the excellent Indian lunch buffet to be had at Kamal Palace in Long Beach’s Marina Pacifica mall. Less than $10 last time I went and they have a wide range of stuff, including saag paneer with paneer, and even rice pudding and those milk balls (forget the name).

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