Feb 2016

Union Square Donuts – Boston

Union Square Donuts - Boston

Following our stay in New York, The Astronomer, June, and I boarded a train and zoomed to Boston for high-quality family time with a side of high-quality doughnuts. For the latter part of the equation, we visited Union Square Donuts in Sommerville.

Union Square Donuts - Boston

Heather Schmidt and Josh Danoff opened the shop three years ago. Legend has it that he had an idea and she had a recipe. The rest, as they say, is history.

Union Square Donuts - Boston

Union Square offers both sweet and yeasted rings, as well as denser cake doughnuts. Between The Astronomer, The Astronomer’s dad, and me, we ordered half a dozen doughnuts to share including a Fluffernutter, Butter Hazelnut Crunch, Sea-Salted Bourbon Caramel, Boston Cream, Apple Crisp, and Vegan Apple Spice.

Union Square Donuts - Boston

The Boston Cream was my favorite, with its dark, glossy chocolate glaze and smooth custard filling. The Butter Hazelnut Crunch was also superb, with its legitimately toasty exterior. While I didn’t have the highest hopes for the Vegan Apple Spice, its fantastic flavor and texture totally impressed.

All of the doughnuts were so, so good!

Union Square Donuts - Boston

Best donuts of 2015.

Union Square Donuts
20 Bow Street
Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: 617-209-2257

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