Jun 2017

{swoon} Tuna Tostada at Contramar

Contramar - Mexico City

While I was researching where to eat in Mexico City, Contramar came up time and again. I was warned by my friend Bill and our Club Tengo Hambre guide that the beloved urban seafood shack was overrated, but I couldn’t resist stopping in for a taste of their signature offering: Tuna Tostada ($199 pesos).

Contramar - Mexico City

I was fully prepared to be disappointed, but fortunately, the tostadas didn’t let me down. The crispy rafts were layered with sashimi grade tuna, golden leeks, and fresh avocado. Tying the whole package together was an intriguing citrus dressing spiked with soy sauce and sesame oil. It was swoon at first bite. And second, third, and so on…

Contramar - Mexico City

To wash all that goodness down: a mezcal margarita for me and a Pacifico for The Astronomer. Thank you to our waiter for insisting that we order drinks with our midday snack.

Contramar - Mexico City


Calle Durango 200, Roma
06700 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5514 9217

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2 thoughts on “{swoon} Tuna Tostada at Contramar

  1. Hi, I loved this blog and was wondering, was it 199 USD or in pesos? I was a little confused/shocked.

    Thank you!


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