Jun 2017

Lost at Sea – Pasadena

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

I’ve got a thing for seafood shacks: charming neighborhood spots, like The Walrus and the Carpenter in Seattle, The Ordinary in Charleston, and Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach, serving the freshest catch in stylish nautical-inspired environs.

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

Lost at Sea, by Chef Tim Carey and Wine Director Santos Uy, landed in Old Pasadena late last summer, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that The Astronomer and I finally visited our local seafood “shack” for dinner.

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

A Saturday night out on the town without our little lady in tow called for two flutes of J.P. Chenet Brut Blanc de Blancs ($10) to start.

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

Good bread and butter was just the thing to pair with the evening’s seafood selections. The warm sourdough baguette rounds were served with Lescure Beurre Charentes-Poitou butter sprinkled with flaky salt ($5).

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

Upon asking our waiter which menu items were served raw or near-raw, I proceeded to order as many of them as possible. First up were the anchovies with ramps ($5). Pickled just so, the fish filets were delicate and briny, while the ramps provided a garlicky punch.

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

And then there were super-fresh oysters: half a dozen Capital Oysters from Washington state served with a cucumber and melon relish ($18).

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

The Astronomer cannot resist ordering soft shell crab when it’s on the menu. Tonight’s preparation was tempura-battered and served with an irresistible labne (yogurt), chili ancho, and lime sauce ($16). The Astronomer licked the plate clean.

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

While I adored every dish we tasted tonight, the grilled octopus with mole, strawberry, and sesame tuile ($19) took the cake. The octopus’ pitch-perfect texture was spectacular, but what really stood out were the sauces. The dark mole coupled with the brighter strawberry “ketchup” made each bite different and delightful.

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

We settled on the agnolotti ($26) for the final savory course. Filled with Spanner crab, the toothsome parcels were served in a sweetish lobster broth with carrots, guajillo chili, and lime. A flourish of fresh herbs added the finishing touch. The bites with dill fronds were the best!

Lost at Sea - Pasadena

To finish, one pot de creme ($8) with two spoons. The butterscotch pudding, topped with cajeta (caramelized goat’s milk) and whipped cream, provided a smooth and sweet finish.

Lost at Sea joins the ranks of Racion and Union as lovely dining establishments a stone’s throw from home. If you’ve got a thing for seafood shacks too, whatcha waiting for?

Lost at Sea
57 Holly Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: 626-385-7644

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3 thoughts on “Lost at Sea – Pasadena

  1. Hello Cathy,

    I’ve been following your blog for several years and have never been disappointed by you recommendations. Thank you so much for that! My husband and I were so enamored by your review of Lost at Sea, that we made the 60 plus mile trek to Pasadena from Palmdale the very next day after your post. We absolutely loved, loved, loved it. We sampled many of the same dishes, plus a few others. I just can’t say enough about how delicious and fresh the seafood is at this place. We showed your review to their consultant and he was very pleased and, I believe proud, to read your comments.

    Keep up the good work and thank you again for turning us on to many fabulous meals.

  2. Laurie – Thrilled to hear that you enjoyed Lost at Sea as much as we did. And thank you for sharing the review with the restaurant. You’re too awesome.

    Darin – It’s solid! Enjoy.

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