Apr 2017

Weekend Brunch at M.B. Post (Manhattan Beach)

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

I just wrapped up one of the busiest work weeks ever—six straight days of shooting on location for an upcoming marketing campaign. To gear up for what was to be a very demanding stretch, The Astronomer, June, and I spent some quality time together beforehand.

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

We arrived in Manhattan Beach just after 10 and played in the sand and water until noon. Brunch at M.B. Post came next, and just in the nick of time; we were famished from running up and down the beach with our little lady.

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

Even before perusing the menu, I placed an order for “Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits” ($6). A meal at M.B. Post, whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, isn’t complete without an order of these savory, flaky, beautiful biscuits. They’re just about perfect eaten as is, and quite possibly even better slathered in whipped maple butter. Mmm!

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

The Sticky Bun ($6) with pecans and brown sugar was especially fetching this morning. It was pure heaven unraveling the pillowy roll with our fingers, swiping some of the caramel from the skillet, and delivering each over-the-top bite to our mouths.

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

While we were hoping to dig in to a Scotch egg for the savory portion of the meal, the kitchen was fresh out by the time we arrived. Instead, we went for an old standby: the Chimichanga ($15). Stuffed with “golden fertile” scrambled eggs, Oaxacan cheese, potatoes, and shredded pork and drizzled with chili verde, the deep-fried burrito was as incredible as ever. The crispy exterior, golden and blistered, could not be beat.

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

We ordered the “Best of Farmers Fruit” ($7) with June in mind, but the grapefruit proved to be too bitter for her. Her parents, on the other hand, appreciated how the fresh mint, pomegranate seeds, and pomegranate granita balanced out the bitterness.

Manhattan Beach Post Brunch

Last up was the Pineapple Upside Down Griddle Cake” ($12) with wild cherry butter and vanilla maple. I’m not sure how the kitchen sourced a pineapple with a six-inch diameter, but dang, I’m sure glad they did. The cornmeal-inflected griddle cake provided a sweet, sweet finish to brunch.


Beaching and brunching— this is the good life.

Manhattan Beach Post (M.B. Post)
1140 Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5332
Phone: 310-545-5405

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