Apr 2013

Steel City Pops – Birmingham

Steel City Pops - Birmingham

While visiting Birmingham this past winter, The Astronomer and I were tipped off to a sweets shop specializing in gourmet Mexican paletas (popsicles). I’ve come to expect really terrific soul food, fine dining, and of course, barbecue in this town, but never considered anything like Steel City Pops.

Steel City Pops - Birmingham

Inspired by Nashville’s Las Paletas, Jim Watkins opened Steel City Pops last May in a Homewood strip mall that fittingly includes a gourmet taqueria. Steel City Pops recently opened a second location at The Summit (a magnificent and enormous suburban shopping complex) and have a third location planned in Tuscaloosa. I love that paletas are taking over ‘Bama.

Steel City Pops - Birmingham

Since we visited the shop during the Christmas holiday, many of the flavors were inspired by the season. Steel City Pops makes paletas de aguas (water-and-juice-based pops), as well as paletas de crema (milk- or cream-based pops). We selected one of each on our first visit.

Steel City Pops - Birmingham

While some might find popsicles containing meat slightly disconcerting, I thoroughly adored my “Maple Bacon with Bourbon” creation. The sweet and smoky bacon bits paired just right with the creamy maple and bourbon base.

Steel City Pops - Birmingham

The Astronomer’s “Spruce”-flavored pop tasted like a Christmas tree with a touch of fresh lime juice. It was icier than mine due to its lack of dairy, but more refreshing, too.

It was 35 degrees out when we visited Steel City Pops, but somehow the paletas managed to make us feel all warm and tingly inside. It must’ve been the spruce extract.

Steel City Pops
2821 Central Avenue, Suite 109
Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: 205-969-8770

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