Jul 2017

{swoon} Chapati with Four Dips at P.Y.T.

Lentil Utensil Dinner at P.Y.T.

The Astronomer and I recently attended a fantastic dinner at Chef Josef Centeno’s P.Y.T. Hosted by lentils.org, a consortium of lentil farms and farmers in Saskatchewan, the meal this evening featured lentils as the main or supporting ingredient in every course, from the passed appetizers when we arrived to the duo of desserts served at the end.

While the buttery lobster tails with beluga lentils were truly luxurious, as was the geoduck with split red lentils, the highlight of the night was the seemingly simple flat bread served with dips at the start. Swoon…

Lentil Utensil Dinner at P.Y.T.

The dips, beautifully plated using artful smears, included “English pea and sesame,” “Argental-berbere cheese,” “turmeric, ginger and jujube butter,” and a “red lentil puree.” Each one was distinctly flavored and textured, yet the collection of four tasted harmonious together.

Lentil Utensil Dinner at P.Y.T.

Served on the side was house-made chapati, delicate and rich Indian flatbreads. This dish set the tone for the rest of the delightful, lentil-centric night.

Enjoy this video about the#LentilUtensil dinner.

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Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: 213-687-7015

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