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Mr. Champion – Arcadia

Mr. Champion - Arcadia

I have eaten a lot of cheung fun in my day, usually at dim sum and almost always resting in a puddle of sweet soy sauce. A Cantonese breakfast staple, these delicate steamed rice rolls come filled with proteins like shrimp and beef, and even fried crullers if you’re lucky.

I thought I knew all there was to know about cheung fun, until the ones made at Mr. Champion popped in my ‘gram feed and stopped me in my tracks. These were not ordinary cheung fun…

Mr. Champion - Arcadia

Here at Mr. Champion, the rice rolls are twisted just so, with proteins either embedded within or resting on top of the noodle-y sheets. It’s hard to say which is more exceptional: the cheung fun‘s braided texture or the bounce of each bite.

Mr. Champion - Arcadia

The Astronomer, June, and I sampled two varieties over lunch and regretted not ordering more. Punctuated by pieces of sweet pork, the “BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Roll” ($3.75) with egg ($1) was so very good.

Mr. Champion - Arcadia

The “Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll” ($3.75) was tasty too, with the star protein perched atop the twisted rice sheets.

Mr. Champion - Arcadia

To round out our meal, I chose the Pork Feet Lo Mein ($7.50) because both June and I are tremendous fans of trotters. The sauce, a bit goopy and a touch sweet, tasted like pure Cantonese comfort.

Mr. Champion - Arcadia

The Astronomer’s “Beef Stew Over Rice” ($6.95) was similarly flavored but with a beefy composition.

While we enjoyed the homey noodles and rice well enough, next time, it’s all cheung fun for the Chaplins.

Mr. Champion
168 Las Tunas Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
Phone: 626-538-4938

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Champion – Arcadia

  1. This style of cheong fun is starting to become prevalent in the SGV! The Noodle in Arcadia, Ho Kee Cafe in San Gabriel, and Longo Seafood in Rosemead also have them, to name a few.

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