Sep 2021

{swoon} Pozole verde at Tamales Elena Y Antijitos

Tamales Elena Y Antojitos - Bell Gardens

For those who think that soup is for cold weather only, please consider the supremely delicious pozole verde served at Tamales Elena Y Antijitos in Bell Gardens. Made by Maria Elena Lorenzo and served all days of the week, the soup is simmered with tender shredded pork and hominy, and comes topped with all that’s good in this world — avocado, onions, radishes, cabbage, pickled jalapeños, and softened cheese. A baggie filled with tostada rounds and pork rinds are served on the side to add some crunch, a little bit at a time. The soup hits every soulful note and is bright and light enough for every season, warm, or cold.

Tamales Elena Y Antojitos - Bell Gardens

A taco or tamale makes for an ideal accompaniment. Wash everything down with a warm mug of chocolaty champurrado.

Tamales Elena Y Antijitos
8101 Garfield Avenue
Bell Gardens, CA 90201

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2 thoughts on “{swoon} Pozole verde at Tamales Elena Y Antijitos

  1. What day of the week and time did you go? Was it crowded? There’s been so much press on this miraculous soup, I’m a bit worried that trying it will turn into an ordeal.

  2. Paul — I went on a Friday for lunch. There was a steady crowd but nothing too crazy. Food came out fast and outdoor seating was welcomed. There’s also a drive-thru option.

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